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What’s Happening, Jukka Gustavson?

Jukka Gustavson Prognosis

Longtime musician, pioneer of progressive rock Jukka Gustavson will perform at Tampere Jazz Happening after a ten-year break. On his new album, Prognosis, Gustavson discusses the sore spots of society, but according to Gustavson, better things are yet to come.

What’s happening?

Hanging in there. We have played a few gigs this year, and a few have been cancelled. A dozen gigs were cancelled in the spring. We are living in odd corona-times.

This is your first performance at Jazz Happening with your own band, as the bandleader. What is your relationship with jazz? How has it inspired your life as a listener and a musician – or can they even be separated?

I have been digging jazz since I was 15 when I started practicing and listening to jazz more. I found talented and swinging musicians, who became my role models. The work is still incomplete. I don’t think I deserve the merit of being called a jazz musician, but my identity as a musician is strongly leaning towards jazz. Weather Report is a major favorite band of mine and Joe Zawinul inspires me as a composing musician – just to name one.

You recently said: ”I have this dream of learning to play well enough and writing a song that everyone would like”. Is this what a musician’s life still is – never being good enough?

It is!

Based on the songs of your new album Prognosis, the Jukka Gustavson of 2020 is still a deep-thinking questioner who wants to make the world a better place for all of us. What have you achieved with your music? Or is it essential, that you’ve at least tried?

Great question. The essential is that I have at least tried. The hope for a better world is fundamentally related to my religious beliefs. As for accomplishments, I would say that I’m happy about some successful things and that I have several horrendously talented people around me.

What’s going to happen?

A better world is coming soon. Are you ready?

Jukka Gustavson Prognosis Friday 30 October at 10 PM at Pakkahuone Buy tickets Buy stream tickets

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