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Strategy 2030

Tampere Music Festivals is a part of the City of Tampere’s Urban Environment unit. Our policies and practices are based on the 2030 strategy of the City of Tampere , which states the following: “We carry our responsibility of wellbeing and environment by operating in an ecologically, socially, culturally, and economically sustainable ways. We advance equality and safety with our activities.” On this page, we have summarized information on the practical responsibility actions that the Tampere Music Festivals organization implements in its daily operation.


Social sustainability

Environment and climate

If you have comments or ideas regarding environmentally-friendly practices that are not yet being used at our festival and that would be possible to organize, please feel free to send your ideas to Persons who provide ideas that lead to concrete actions will be gifted a prize!

Rainbow sign / we speak gay

We take part in the LGBTQ friendly We Speak Gay -community. This means we are committed to treating all our artists, employees, and customers with respect and equality regardless of gender, race, skin colour, age, nationality, religion, culture, or sexual orientation. We Speak Gay community’s objective is to build an even more empathetic and inclusive Finland, the world’s most rainbow-friendly country for travel.


Kaiku card

We are a part of the Kaiku card network, which aims to enhance possibilities for youth, adults, and families who are financially in a tight situation to take part in cultural events and art creation activities. Read Kaiku card instructions on our tickets page.