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What’s Happening, ESINAM?


ESINAM, who recently released her debut album, will perform solo at the opening concert of Tampere Jazz Happening. She is arriving in Finland for the first time in her career, and a lot is happening in her life at the moment.

What’s Happening?

A lot is happening now! I am very happy to have started my album release tour. Playing a lot, and share the music live with the audience is the most important for me. I also had the chance to be a curator for a festival recently. That was something! Bringing a whole vision, proposing a line up, having the artistic direction for that event. I loved it!

Your fine debut album Shapes in Twilights of Infinity was finally released in September. What motivates you to make music, besides making a living and being involved with the things you love: composing, performing? Has music always been your first choice of self-expression, or just one of many?

Music is what I love to do the most, so yes, I chose to make a living of my passion. It has not been always an easy choice, but it is worth it. Sometimes I am questioning myself, but it is just question of more confidence. I am not seeing myself doing something else, actually… So I enjoy it and keep going. Working and building music projects, thinking about collaboration…There are a lot of possibilities. I think when you really do what you love, it is the better choice of living, life is short so if you don’t enjoy your daily life, I don’t see the point of life.

Yes, I would say music is my first choice of self-expression. But I believe that Arts are inter-connected. I think that paintings, video, visuals, photography are very important for me too. Because it is a way to extend what you can transmit with music and immerse the auditor in a certain mood or emotional landscape.

In your opinion, is music a way to make a difference, to make the world a little better place?

Yes, I am convinced by that! The world situation is kind of crazy and we leave in unfair society. Music helps to feel better sometimes when you need it, and Art and Culture are essential I think. Live music is even another level of good vibrations to share!

For most artists, originality is preceded by a phase of learning and, often, emulating others. What was this like for you? How would you describe your own development as an artist and the transition towards your own voice, your first album?

The development of the music follows, the more you work, pratise and learn. I see it as a constant process, I think it is a never-ending process. I will learn until the end of my life. And when you record you make a “musical picture” of the “artistic place” you are at that moment. I think my album, it is the continuity of my EP, extending my music process. Growing, and Inviting musicians to play with me also to go in directions I wanted to explore.

You are going to perform in Tampere Jazz Happening under the theme “Spotlight on Belgium”. We are excited to hear and see also two other bands from Belgium on the same Thursday evening, Echoes of Zoo and Dans Dans – plus De Beren Gieren on Sunday. All these are first-timers in Finland. Please tell us about the jazz scene in Belgium and Brussels? How has it the changed during your years musically and socially?

I am happy to share Spotlight on Belgium” with Echoes of Zoo, Dans Dans, and De Beren Gieren. I know some of the musicians. Belgium is very small country with different languages and communities, but despite that we know each other.

I know more about the Brussels scene, since I am from Brussels but I think Belgium has a lot of great bands and the scene is very eclectic. It is nice and important to support your local scene. Maybe one of the only positive side of the Covid-19 situation has been that festival and venues have been making more local line ups.

What’s going to happen? 

I hope to have a lot of gigs, as much as possible! That’s coming. Few projects and collaborations are coming too. I have some plan to travel in Africa too: in April I’m invited to the WOMAD festival in South Africa, where I will deepen my collaborate with South African musicians such as Sibusile Xaba and guys from The Brother Moves On. Cross fingers that all the projects keep going well, looking forward for sure!

ESINAM at Klubi on Thursday, 4 November 2021, at 19.00. Free admission!

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