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Yrjö Award 2023

The special recognition given to Finland’s most appreciated jazz musician, the Yrjö Award – granted by the Finnish Jazz Federation – is to be issued for the tenth time as part of Tampere Jazz Happening. The Jazz Federation’s new annual Taimi Award on its part will be granted to a young musician who is passionately developing her/his own music expression, thereby also blazing the way for the future of jazz. With this award – being issued for the first time in 2023 – the Finnish Jazz Federation wishes to encourage young people in the search for their own voice and in bringing it to the fore. 

In addition, Yleisradio (the Finnish Broadcasting Company) will issue the Varjo-Yrjö (“Shadow Yrjö”), which will be granted to a person or entity that is furthering the operational requirements of Finnish jazz culture.

The occasion will be crowned by a performance presented by the 2023 winner of the Yrjö Award. Pictured: last year’s winner, Jukka Eskola.

"Aivan liian harvoin uskallamme kysyä itseltämme, miksi haluamme soittaa, mitä haluamme sanoa, antaa ja välittää."